Friday, November 30, 2012

More time in Phoenix - Part 1

We spent most of November in Phoenix.  The weather was so nice there - it was really difficult to come back to Tulsa!  We drove from Tulsa to Phoenix and looks like Graham is starting to be quite a road warrior:
And Charlie was happy as long as he had his binky close by:
The minute we arrived after our 2-day journey, Graham headed straight for the backyard to play with his construction trucks!
 While Charlie decided to just lounge around on the couch:
While in Phoenix, Graham started a new routine of eating his breakfast at the kitchen counter while standing on his step-stool:
There was almost something going on every weekend while we were in Phoenix (or Chandler to be exact).  During an art festival, we found a park nearby with an excavator!  Graham was waiting patiently to get his turn. Unfortunately, it was rather heavy but Graham enjoyed being on it anyhow:
 The boys even had a chance to get on the see-saw together:
I'm not sure if Charlie enjoyed it too much:
And as usual, we have to go feed the ducks. It's so cute to hear Graham say... "Here ducky, ducky, ducky!"
Meanwhile, back at home, I tried to get more pictures of the boys together.  This one almost looks as if Graham is saying "I didn't do it!"
Ahhh... a little bit better :-)
This one was taken by Troon Golf Club - at the Four Seasons Hotel. Bobby was there to give a presentation and Mommy and the boys had a chance to roam around the property.  Thankfully, Graham was very good about not going off course into the desert.

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