Friday, November 30, 2012

More time in Phoenix - Part 2

During our 3rd week in Phoenix, Mommy decided to tackle the yard.  The cat's claw keeps coming back and right before leaving the last time, we poured some root-kill on it and it's still not dead!  So I bought a new shovel and went at it.  Graham helped too:
... with his bulldozer, of course! He couldn't have been happier playing in the dirt and gravel.
(and yes, those are Hello Kitty pajama pants :-)
That weekend, we went to our first rodeo.
We made sure Charlie was able to catch some of the action as well:
But their attention span only lasted so long and we ended up at the nearby play farm. Yes, daddy too!
Mommy wasn't so good at conking the crow. Graham, on the other hand, had pretty good form!
The baby sling was probably in the way :-)
During the weekend, we also decided to head back to Papago Park.  We were trying to find this same rock that Graham played peek-a-boo with the last time we were there.  But first, some pics of Charlie:
 Nice sunny day!
Daddy and Graham further up on the rocks:
We didn't see the "rock" on our way up so we decided to head down the trail until we saw this rock.  Graham did not want to participate in the peek-a-boo and decided to sulk next to the rock instead:
If looks could kill...!
 All better!
 Graham got quite some "air" going down the trail:
 I think we finally did find the rock!  Peek-a...
It's never that easy anymore to take a family picture:
 Or to have everyone awake:
 ... and looking at the camera!
Oh well, at least everyone was happy, especially when it came to feeding the ducks again :-)

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