Saturday, September 29, 2012

New Gutters!

We finally decided that it was time to put gutters on the house.  It was installed a couple of days ago and we're still trying to get used to a couple of eye-sores.  Here's one for example:
I've already purchased  a decorative splash block online and hopefully with some better landscaping, the spout will just blend in a little more. I'm hoping at least!

And today, with some heavy rain, we were able to see the gutters in action!  We walked around the house looking at all that water come down from the downspouts.  I was especially excited about my rain barrel and funny enough, there was no water coming down the spout!  They had installed gutters off the roof on the 2nd floor and was redirecting the water onto the side of the house. Ops!
So looks like they will have to come back and fix that! And that will actually fix our second eye-sore and also help since I know Bobby is going to just run that spout over with the mower! *Honey... you know I'm right! :-P


Allyson Ripple said...

Hmm, were you able to rework the gutters, Cindy? Gutters that aren’t connected properly are potentially dangerous. Not only that the water won’t flow where it’s supposed to flow, but it might be rerouted to other areas of the house. When it happens, windows, sidings, and even your furniture might be doused and damaged.

Chantay Smithingell said...

I’m concerned about the first picture. Given that it’s already an eyesore to you, I think the position of that downspout wouldn’t displace the water effectively. If there’s a heavy downpour, for example, the water might even enter to what I presume to be your garage door. Well, there are a lot of ways you can sort that issue out, so there’s no need to rush. Good luck! :D

Becky Steele said...

Well, that’s definitely not how a gutter should work – it should point the rain water outward, not to the side of the house! Has that been repaired? I sure hope so because the water running down the side of your house may wear down the material and cause the wood to rot, which you definitely don’t want.


Lenore Lung said...

I agree with you, Betty. I hope by this time you were able to replace the gutters’ position, so it wouldn't bring the rain water in but out of your house. If not, your wall might be a little weary now due to the rain water that seeps into it.

Anonymous said...

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