Friday, September 7, 2012

More independence

We decided to buy Graham a new double step-stool.  He's constantly wanting to see what's going on in the kitchen when I'm cooking.  And well, this time he actually got a cookie!  Actually, he managed to reach the cookie without the step-stool:
And then, he wanted to eat the cookie while sitting on the step-stool. It works out quite nicely actually because there's a spot for his milk too:
And then, on the step-stool to get more!
Graham is also getting very good at raiding the pantry for more snacks now that he can get to the higher shelves.  I wonder what it's going to be like once little Charlie grows up.  Graham will probably have Charlie up on his shoulders to get to the higher shelves!  I better not give them any ideas :-)

Speaking of Charlie... can you tell which one is Charlie and which one is Graham?
 Charlie or Graham???

By the way, Graham is back at his other daycare this past week... and he didn't cry when I dropped him off!  He actually walked into his classroom, turned around, waved goodbye to me and even told me to "have a nice day, Mommy!". His previous daycare made a little something for him on his last day.  Too nice!
And another thing that happened this past week - 126F in the sun!  YIKES!
So did you guess yet? Charlie or Graham?  Well, the top one is Charlie and the bottom one is Graham.  They both sure look alike!

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