Thursday, September 27, 2012

Charlie's 2-month Doc Appt

Charlie had his 2-month doctor's appointment today.  Everything went really well.  He's now 12lbs (50th percentile) and 22" long (25th percentile).  He did get his first 2 shots today - both in the left thigh.  He was not very happy about that!
It was all fine and dandy before that though.  Here's a photo op with Daddy:
And a photo op with Mommy:
Charlie looks so chubby there!

Charlie still does not like sitting in his carseat.
He would cry almost all the time when he's in the car.  And almost all the time when we drop Graham off at daycare.  He has been sleeping more at night, so I guess all the crying during the day really just tires him out!
Charlie has also been smiling more often now. Just so cute! I'm still working on getting a good video of it, but this is all I have so far:
Big brother Graham on the other hand, continues to work on his scissor-cutting skills.  I find it so funny how he would open and close his mouth and he cuts:

By the way, we had new gutters installed on the house today.  Yay!

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