Saturday, September 29, 2012

A trip to the Fire Station

We were playing at the play ground on Friday and since Graham and his two other buddies were starting to lose interest, I suggested that we visit the Fire Station not too far from the playground.  When we arrived, there was not a soul in sight!  So we just stood and looked at the fire engines from the back of the station and then, walked around the building to see the vehicles from the front of the station.  The boys were all holding hands while walking. It was too cute!
We then decided it was time to go, when I noticed a fire engine pulling into the station!  So we all unbuckled the kids out of their carseats and hurried back to the station.  We were finally able to get someones attention and the captain of the station gave us a quick tour of Fire Engine #6.  The boys were so excited!
Well, that was the excitement on Friday.  And today, Graham invented his own "popsicle" as he called it.  It's a graham cracker treat filled with peanut butter - which he put in between a bag clip.  Quite clever actually!
And in the meantime, little brother Charlie is learning to roll over. I'm pretty sure he just got lucky this time.  The crib does actually slant a little to one side.
He is definitely smiling a lot more. I love that smile!
 And... he's already picking up his head at 2 months old!

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