Sunday, July 2, 2017

Recent happenings

Since the boys are now on this summer break, we are having such late nights!  Graham can pretty much tuck himself in these days:
Charlie still needs some help!  And funny enough, Daddy fell asleep in the boys' bedroom on the reading mat this same night. HAHA!
Speaking of Charlie, here is one of his drawings that was laminated from his class this past year. It's my new favorite bookmark!  Charlie said that it is him, with wings :-)
Our annual membership at Yas Waterpark finally ended.  So sad!... but lots of memories:
Graham and Charlie LOVE this section of the splash park.  Just waiting for that big tub of water to tip over!
SPLAAAASHHH....!!!  You can sort of see Charlie in there :-)
Our Ramadan offer at Bounce expired too.  Here are the boys in the "Drink room". Charlie was just trying to squeeze himself in between the beam:
We are down to playing some golf or swim.  If only it is not so hot outside!  The temperature is probably averaging around 45C / 113F every day.  Good news is the boys can end the day of golf with an ice lolly and they both love that!
There's also the occasional trip to a mall for a little Go karting.  The boys have so much fun doing this. Too bad it's Dhs30 (about USD8) for only 5 minutes!!!  There goes Charlie:
Graham is a bit more aggressive:
I am just glad it was quiet and the attendant gave them a few extra minutes on the track:
We recently bought Graham and Charlie a tennis racket from another mom at school.  Charlie especially has really taken a liking to it. Obviously still need some work but not bad for a start!
Other daily activities may also include having iced milo (chocolate drink):
Charlie has more of a Chocolate Goatie:
Graham and Charlie also like to build their home of cushions and to hide from Mommy so they can play with Daddy's phone:
Little sneaks!
And finally, since I have been frequenting the golf club for gym classes, the boys have been busy too!
Here's to our 2nd week of summer vacation!

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