Sunday, July 2, 2017

Family Game Night

I suppose you can only have so many movie nights in a row :-)  So we have opted for some board games as well.  First, it's Boggle - a classic!  And then this game called Gravity Maze.  You are provided with a pattern on a card and you have to place certain tower of mazes accordingly so the marble will end up on the final Red block.  It's quite interesting!

It's actually Bobby's birthday present from this past May. Graham has been spending a lot of time with the game and he is really good at it:
And then, of course there is also the classic Scrabble.  How many I's can you get in one night!?!  Well, with Charlie - it was at least 6 I's!
Graham and Daddy are thinking...
Thinking pretty hard...
Still thinking! Any time now, Graham...!!!
Graham did pretty well actually.  I can't really remember all of the words, but he came up with GOLF, JOKE, SEED, and even used the BLANK as a "T" for FIT and NOT - all by himself!  We weren't counting any of the score this time but I was very impressed with my "MIXER" (on behalf of Charlie, of course). That's Double Word for 28 points! But who's counting :-P
Hope we have more of these family game nights.  It's a win-win for everyone especially when it comes to spelling and imagination!

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