Sunday, July 2, 2017

Jaguar Driving Experience!

If you recall going back to my birthday in June, my big present of the year is to drive a Jaguar F-Type S Coupe around the Yas Marina Formula 1 Circuit.  Vrrroooommm vroooommm...!!!
Well, the day finally came last Thursday.  It was a slightly warm one and even hotter on the track! Air temperature is 38.8C / 101.8F and Track temperature is 53.9C / 129F!
While Mommy was at the briefing, Graham and Charlie were busy posing:
Maybe next time, Mommy can try this one - the Formula Yas 3000 :-)
Okay! Getting geared up!
I am glad they gave us these full-on mask as who knows how many people have worn these helmets! It's a snug fit!!!
And now we wait.  Seems like we are just waiting on the ambulance to show up on site.  Just in case, it might not be a bad idea to wait on them!  The boys are admiring the Aston Martin GT4s:
While we wait, I ended up taking my helmet off. It's too warm! Graham decides to try it on. He probably feels like a bobble head as the helmet is a tad heavy:
Finally, I am off to see my Jaguar F-Type Coupe! It is a lovely red.
"Here she comes, revving down the track!"
Ok... not exactly.  Actually quite slowly as I believe this is only my first or second lap on the track :-P
I managed to overtake a couple cars after a little while - those driving the Aston Martin.  It's a more superior car so my instructor was quite impressed with me in my little Jag. She said I was very "receptive" to her instructions and gave me an "A" for the day!

There was quite a bit to remember around the track, to a point that I didn't even know how fast I was really going or even see where the speedometer in the car was even located! Colored cones have been set up around the track so you take the straightest lines around the corners.  This was basically it:
- start braking HARD at the double cones
- turn left/right at the yellow cone
- aim straight towards the green cone, as close as possible to it!
- slowly open up at the end of the turn
- Step on it!!!

Alrighty... after a few more runs, I get a little bit more comfortable with the car now and the track.  Here goes the v6 supercharged 380ps engine ripping down the track!
I love the commentary in the background:
- A stranger says, "Holy crap, she's... she's letting loose!"
(You betcha, lady!)
- Graham says, "Hey Daddy, I saw the spoiler. It actually closed!"
(That's because Mommy was actually going fast enough for it to open in the first place!)
- And finally Charlie says, "There goes Momma!"
(Awww... Loved how he noticed his Mommy in a speedy sports car!)

The last few laps were even more enjoyable with the lovely sunset straight ahead just as I pull up on the last corner of the track.  After about 20-30 min on the track, it is finally to come into the pit. LOVE this car!
Here's me and my instructor Nadia.  I would have liked to see her drive actually. Maybe next time, is there another time maybe??!!
Urghh... it's time to leave.  Nooooo...!!!  Can't let go...!!!
Alright, alright.... time to go.  We head upstairs from the pit to Johnny Rockets for some ice cream and milkshakes.  And oh, when I sat down I noticed my hands were shaking!  Must have been all the adrenaline and/or perhaps gripping the steering wheel too tightly??!  During the briefing, the head instructor did say - position hands on opposite sides and both hands on wheel at all times, even when turning.  No one-hand "washing machine" motion when turning - oh, you mean like when I drive my minivan??! Ha Ha Ha! 

As usual, we are made to walk by the gift shop on the way out.  As tiny as this gift shop was, we managed to find some items to buy. Graham wanted a tiny little Yas Marina Circuit pin and Charlie was adamant about getting these shades.  Mr Cool!!!
 What a fun night!  Thanks to John, Sarah, and Neve for coming out to watch as well!

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