Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Random photos of the week

We are back to having foggy mornings here in Abu Dhabi.  It still amazes me how thick the fog can be.  And it normally clears up around 9:30am or so.
The view from our apartment:
And here is something you don't see every day. Well, at least not for me!  I don't think I have ever seen a corn that has its kernels lined up diagonally!  Australian corn but I have friends from different parts of the world saying that this is quite normal??!
Anyway...  in other news: Since my bonsai has "moved on", I decided to just "borrow" some new plants.  I am not sure what this one is called but it seems to grow really easily around here - almost like ground cover. The golfers call it "cabbage" on the golf course as it is super thick and you can pretty much just give up finding your ball if it goes into it!  Well, the roots grow really quickly in just a few days by putting the stem into water.  The pretty pink little flowers are a bonus!
And I took my chance with a bouganvillea plant that I also "borrowed".  You can just stick the stem cutting into the soil and it will sprout roots. Well, one stem cutting didn't make it but this one did.  Look! A new leave!!! I am quite proud of myself :-)
Speaking of proud, I woke up this morning and look at what Charlie had done!  It's amazing how he is so patient lining up these little plastic beads (that you can later melt with an iron to form the final product).  If only he was so patient with other things in his daily routine!
And speaking of another proud moment, Graham can swim!  He still needs to learn how to take a breath between strokes but what a great thing to see.  So proud of him!  Guess those school fees are paying off :-)
Oh, by the way, this video file was too big to email from my phone to the computer so I downloaded it to my computer via Bluetooth technology.  Transferring files via radio waves.  Look ma, no wires! What a crazy idea! And it actually worked!!!  What else will these people come up with next??!!

Here are a couple other photos.  The boys with a super cool Formula 1 race car at the mall:
And my two favorite monkeys - on their way to school for National Day a couple of weeks ago.  Charlie was making a letter "Y" for some reason. I don't remember why now:
Our adventures continue here in Abu Dhabi. Gosh... almost 2 1/2 years later!

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