Tuesday, December 13, 2016

F1H2O in Abu Dhabi

Last weekend, we got to check off another thing on our list of "Things to do in Abu Dhabi".  It's the Formula 1 but H20 style - power boats racing out on the water at the Corniche.

We missed the start of the race.  It got quite loud and made the boys really excited while we were walking towards the beach viewing area.  Actually, the main spectator area and kids area were on the other side of the beach.  Oops!  And unfortunately, I forgot the regular camera so bear with me posting images from my phone:
It was quite something watching these boats go around and around, but hmm... how many laps??? I had lost count after a while. And the boys got down to digging up sand pretty quickly and peeking at the race occasionally:
Graham and Charlie just doesn't get enough of the sand. It's a good thing we live in a place with lots of it!
A cloudy day:
And super windy too!  Family photo!
There were a few stoppages during the race - "drama-filled" according to the official F1H20 website!  I don't think the boys really noticed:
It's a good thing they were only trying to bury their feet:
Hmm... Daddy being anti-social?
They are obviously trained to not get their clothes dirty ;-)
Here's a better look at the boat. It can reach up to speeds of 250km/hr or 155mph.
After about 45 minutes, the race was over.  Okay... time to go home!
We decide to try out this Vietnamese restaurant located in the city.  I miss these noodles (Pho) so much, and unfortunately as good as this looked, it did NOT hit the spot!
Here's Charlie trying to twirl up his noodle with his fork:
Graham didn't like the noodles too much, so he was mostly just drinking his soup and thankfully the meatballs were decent:
Daddy/Bobby being very dramatic, as usual :-P
Lots of fancy light fixtures along the way home:
And traffic!
Here are some UAE national colors displayed on some buildings.  Fancy!
A fun day out when both boys are passed out by the time we come home:
Most of the time, Graham will wake up by the time we get upstairs.  But Charlie will almost always continue snoozing!  The "Lee" genes are stronger in this one than the "Pridgen" genes ;-)
Stay tuned to more on our list of "Things to do in Abu Dhabi"!

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