Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Busy weekend

The weather has been so nice lately that we have been trying to do more things outdoors.  That means going to the park!

Charlie loves to climb:
The scooter is finally back outside instead of going on it around and around the dining table!
More climbing on the monkey bars for Charlie.  Yeah, he is doing it!
Nah... just kidding. He is still needing quite a bit of help :-)
Mommy tried to go up to the next higher bar.  Nope... didn't quite get to it!
I think I'd rather just send text messages under the shade on the picnic mat :-)
We also have a bicycle which I converted into a balance bike.  I am glad that Graham is finally getting the hang of it!  Starting slow from one slope:
Here goes!
Charlie was slowly getting it too, off a smaller slope:
I think he still likes going down the slope on his scooter instead.  Just glad these boys are not complaining about keeping their helmets on!
It was non-stop for Graham mostly.  After a while, he was just trying to get higher so he could keep on going on his balance bike longer:
Once the boys were tired with that, it was time to pounce on Daddy!  HAHA!
The next day, it was the pool.  Graham and Charlie were so excited to see the bouncy house! Although not really in the shape of a house. What would you call it then? Just bouncy???
Thankfully the temperature of the water is still somewhat manageable for the boys.  I, on the other hand just wanted to finish my book:
I have been picking up random books from the Ladies locker room at the club.  This one was quite an emotional one:
After finishing it, I looked at the back cover and noticed the first comment from the writer John Boyne.  Crazy enough, the book "The boy in the Striped Pyjamas" was the previous book that I had just finished! What a weird coincidence and what an ending that book was!!!
Okay, last video of Graham swimming.  He is using his snorkels here. Eventually, he will learn how to take a breath!
The boys are growing up so fast!

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