Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Recent happenings

Charlie's new thing... Coconut!
As you can see, he is thoroughly enjoying it!  Thumbs up!!!
By the way, my poor knife.  Quite the losing battle with the coconut!  Thankfully, it's just a cheapy IKEA one.
Speaking of knife, I cut myself with a butter knife today.  A butter knife!!!  Who knew those things could actually draw blood!

Anyhow... back to the coconut.  Opening up the whole coconut once Charlie was done drinking its water was the easier part.  We went down to the garage and threw it a couple of times on the ground. Ok, three times :-)   Charlie is SO happy!!!
I wish Graham would try some but nope! Charlie was actually introduced to the coconut at his nursery last term.  Looks like we know what we'll be drinking/eating when we're in Malaysia next week!

In other news... the humidity has come down. It has actually been a little cooler late in the nights now. Except for this one day last week.  Dreary!
Since it's been quite hot and miserable outside during the day, we've been spending a lot of time doing other things indoors - like beading.  The boys made these for me :-)
Charlie likes his bracelets too!
And drawing and coloring. I couldn't believe it when Graham actually sat down and colored all of this in.  He is normally not that patient.  Definitely a piece to keep!  He said it was our "Tulsa" home.  Even after 2 years being away in Abu Dhabi, he still talks and obviously things about our life back in Oklahoma!
And Charlie has been working on some flags. We have a box of flags on flash cards.  Looks like it's coming in handy:
And finally, our collection of fridge magnets.  You can probably guess who has been lining them up.
Yup... Charlie!  Talk about OCD - having things in a symmetrical or in a perfect order.  And of course, Graham would come by occasionally and just bunch them all up together.  Simple things to irk his little brother.  As usual, never a dull moment in the Pridgen household!

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