Sunday, July 31, 2016

Happy 4th birthday, Charlie!

Standing tall at 102cm (just over 3'3") and weighing in at 36lbs, our Charlie is finally 4 years old!!!  Sometimes I think he's older so maybe my expectations of him are higher.  He's still our little Char Char, for sure!

Graham and Charlie kept checking on the banana bread/cake.  They'd say, "Ahhh.... smells so nice!"
While the cake is baking, the boys are playing with Playdoh.  What a mess!  Graham earned his 10 stars for doing his school work consistently the past 2 weeks.  Graham good boy!
Charlie ended up buying a little storage box for his HotWheels cars that comes with a shooter and ramp.  He also earned 10 stars for not pooping in his underwear these past 10 days.  It's been quite a struggle lately especially during our travels. Hopefully he won't backtrack again on our next trip!
Cake is done!
Now, time to decorate.  Look who is so excited! Charlie LOVES frosting!
After some supervision from the birthday boy, here is his cake!  He wanted Star Wars as well, just like his brother.  We didn't have plain white icing so he had a choice of mixing all the colors. Not too shabby :-)
Mmmmmm.... Charlie hanging around for more frosting. Ha ha! 
Oh, Charlie also wanted a palm tree on his cake. Just something with him about palm trees ever since we moved to Abu Dhabi.  Perhaps it's the abundant of palm trees here??!?
I thought I was rather creative with the tree.  A couple of biscoff cookies squished together with nutella and I found some green patterned paper for the leaves. I'm very proud of my work :-)

On the side note, speaking of palm trees - I finally had my first date (the fruit) off a palm tree for the first time! I've seen people do this before, where they would just pick the dates off the tree by the side of the road.  Anyhow, there's this one particular palm tree by the side of the 14th fairway which I've been eyeing for a while now.  I finally approached it last weekend and it seems that the darker fruit/date is the more ripe one.  YUMMY!!! Next time I'll have to bring a tupperware :-)

Okay, I digress... back to the party:

We stayed home for dinner. Actually had some leftovers.  Charlie was not too fussy as he really just wanted to eat his cake.  We've left the TV on a few times during dinner time, mostly because of golf. Talk about priorities!
Daddy being silly with his party hat:
Charlie working on his numbers:
Skype time with Grandma and Pop-pop!
$4 dollars from Grandma and Pop-pop!
I think Graham is more excited about the Lego present!
Family we-fie!  I was trying to protect the cake from being smudged:
Remember Charlie's thing with palm trees?  Well, we decided to get him a little charm:
Okay, so it goes on MY bracelet :-)
Cake time!!!
And then, Lego time.  It was obviously tough to drag them to bed!
I'd have to say it was a successful birthday!  Happy Happy birthday Charlie!!!
We love you, no matter how much you poop in your underwear! ;-)

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