Monday, July 18, 2016

Recent happenings

After our trip back from the Netherlands/Belgium, Graham finally lost his tooth!  It was wobbly for a long time.  Now at least his gaps are consistent :-)
Funny enough, he lost it when he was swimming - the lower left lateral incisor.

The boys discovered cocoa powder from Maastrich - for mixing into milk, so they have been enjoying that since being home from Europe:
It's the summer holidays now and Graham and Charlie have been thankfully quite creative to keep themselves busy:
And keep themselves entertained too. HA HA!
Speaking of entertained, we did go bowling once.  I didn't bowl as I had to play in a golf tournament. Yes, that was my excuse!  I'm probably glad I didn't. Might not have been able to beat Graham!
Graham did use a kid's ramp that helped with rolling the ball rather than them releasing the bowling ball by themselves.  He was very meticulous with aligning this ramp and looks like it worked pretty well. 1 strike and 3 spares for a score of 111 for Graham!  Charlie had a score of 72 and Daddy had 98. Charlie did have a strike in his next game so that made him really happy :-)

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