Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Random pics

We've had a lot of random things happen this past couple of weeks. Let's begin!

First off, more expensive honey for the boys - we're going to try a slightly lighter one this time. I still can't find the honey with cinnamon and ginger.  Boo hoo!
It's getting hot outside but thankfully the days are longer and it cools off a little cooler after 6pm (for now). Going out for a quick ride after dinner!
Graham loves the Happy Meals toys here from MacDonald's:
Another quick trip to Dubai to get my watch fixed.  We found a whole new (expensive!) section of the mall and discovered that Lebanese food is super yummy!
Meanwhile, back in Abu Dhabi... I've noticed this tree for quite a wile now.  So instead of cutting it down, someone has decided to tie it to a rock to prevent it from falling??!
And I've also discovered that taking a photo with 3D art is more difficult than it seems! We may have to try this one again next time we're back at the nearby mall here.
Another discovery - fresh Green Juice!  I know quite a few friends that make their own green drink.  Seems like kale is a big thing these days.  I'm not too sure about this one.  The ginger is really strong and it probably needed some honey, perhaps!  Needless to say, I gulped it down pretty quickly to minimize the "strange" flavor.
Speaking of strange, Bobby was reading the newspaper yesterday and something about a tradition in India, where the women would tie ribbons on trees as a sign of longevity for their husbands. Then, Bobby turned to me and said "You never do stuff like that for me!".  So... I found our one and only ribbon laying around the house and tied it to our bonsai tree.  There you go, honey! :-P
By the way, it's Graham's birthday this upcoming Friday. He's turning 5!  We are having a small little party for him at the bowling alley but not until next weekend.  We couldn't book any lanes this weekend.  The boys have never bowled before and with their school being on break next week, looks like we'll have some time to practice!
Graham still does not like to practice writing but I just keep pushing!  He did draw this picture all by himself.  We were at a restaurant for breakfast last week and the little girl sitting at the table next to us was drawing/copying the little flyer on the table.  Graham saw that and decided he could do it too!
Good job, Graham!  Can't believe he is turning 5! Wait, I already said that.  Ha ha!  We bought him a very similar crane truck that he had in Tulsa.  A few months ago, I would always ask him what he misses most and he would say his yellow crane. Well, this is a fire truck red one and it even comes with lights.  He's going to love it!  And I'm sure Bobby is going to be reminded about that annoying loud crank when he opens his birthday present this Friday.  Sorry, honey!

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