Thursday, May 14, 2015

First time on the golf course

The boys had a blast last weekend when we finally took them out on the golf course.  It's nice that there is night golf here and it's normally quite quiet on the  9-hole course on a Friday night.

Selfie time!
Mommy and Charlie in one cart and Graham and Daddy in another cart:
So much golf course for a little guy. Ha!
Charlie has a John Daly-like golf swing and loves to tee the ball really high!
We haven't done too much with Graham's swing.  Just want him to enjoy himself on the golf course for now, but we definitely have our work cut out for us with that left hand low split grip and hitting it right-handed!
But Graham does have his putting alignment down, like "Spiderman"!
It was not just all golf that night.  There was lots of fooling around:
There was time for a chocolate bar:
And time for bunker play.  Graham made quite a nice flower pattern in the sand and there was a lot of little Graham and Charlie shoe prints to clean up too.  It took me probably almost 5 minutes to do so!
And finally time to count the stars!
The boys obviously had a good time.  It definitely wore them out! And you wonder why...
Looking forward to our next outing. And I'm glad nobody got hurt.  Charlie will probably stick to that plastic club for a little bit longer!

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