Monday, May 25, 2015

Happy 5th birthday, Graham!

It didn't seem that long ago that I was just trying to push this kid out of my belly!!!  And now, he is 5 years old.  Time sure flies by fast!

Graham started out his day early, as usual and when he saw me, he said "Mommy, I changed myself!":
And you wonder why he can't change himself ALL the time in the mornings. Go figure!

Then, it was off to the water splash pad.  The boys love this!
Graham is so meticulous and so curious about how the water splashes where as Charlie just runs around like a crazy person!
The boys discovered that their caps worked well as water props.
So focused!
Time to dry off.  Some extra lovin' from daddy to Charlie this morning!
Graham was really hungry and had a really good appetite!
Charlie was so full after his chocolate croissant and 1/2 a sausage and apple pie that he barely even touched his ice-cream.  So Mommy took care of that dilemma :-)
Back home and time to open Graham's present!
First, a card from Grandma and Pop-pop.  Thank you for the usual $1 per year!  Oh wait... What??! An additional $20 bill???? That's breaking the rules, Grandma and Pop-pop!
And ta da!  A new firetruck crane!  Graham had a yellow crane back in Tulsa and we gave it away when he had to move over to the UAE.  He has mentioned it before about missing it a lot, so here's a new one, birthday boy!
Graham is obviously very happy about it.
Although after seeing the pictures on the box of other construction vehicles, he said he wanted the garbage truck and the fire truck that shoots water out of its spout. Gosh, kids just aren't easy to please these days!
Okay, time to make the cake!  Charlie loves to help of course:
And while we wait for the cake to bake, we play some more!
Graham wanted Spiderman and this is what I managed to conjure up.  Looks like I need some practice with that spider!
Skype time with Grandma and Pop-pop to sing Happy Birthday to Graham!
And oh, here's what happens when you take too long to blow out your candles!
Ha ha ha!  Too funny! I laugh so hard every time I see this video clip.  Charlie is so quick! Ok, time to eat cake! The boys love chocolate cake!
As if there wasn't enough happening in one day, the birthday celebration continues.  Off to the golf course!
Hmmm... am I the only one stretching here?
Still left-hand low split grip!
But it's good!  Graham hit some really good shots that night:
Good transition on Charlie's downswing!
Ahhh... boys losing interest after almost 6 holes, which means times to go in. Plus, it's getting late!
Nothing like a cold towel over the head when we're done!
Happy birthday, my big boy!  Hopefully the 5s will bring more laughter, more listening to Mommy and Daddy, and less crying and screaming especially when it's time for "work"!

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