Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Happy Mother's Day!

My first Mother's Day in Abu Dhabi!  Although, the UAE actually celebrated Mother's Day back in March.  I could not convince Bobby to buy me a gift then but he did make up for it this May!
Well, yes... I'm always happy with anything Hello Kitty :-)  But this time, a spa package. I'm so excited!  I'll have to use it up before my birthday in mid-June, otherwise he may think he can double it up as a birthday present too! :-P

Of course, Mother's Day is never complete without breakfast with my boys. Lots of hearts for Mommy!
Charlie is still working on his heart sign:
Yummy pancakes for breakfast and Charlie is showing off how much he loves to eat carrots:
My cheeky boys! They are growing up so fast.
Sometimes I can't believe I'm a mommy of 2 boys. They test my patience every day but I wouldn't change a thing (okay, maybe just the crying and screaming parts!). Graham and Charlie and Bobby too of course, are the love of my life!  I just wished my mom was around to watch the boys grow up.  But with that said, I'm so blessed to have a lovely mother-in-law, whom not only spoils ALL of my boys but me too! Thanks Mom!

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