Thursday, April 4, 2013

Preparing for bad weather

Knock on wood... we haven't had any tornado warnings yet, but I finally finished my bench for the storm room.  The bench was actually too long, so I had to cut it on each side to have it fit properly in the room.  Then, it was time to paint - not without my little helper, of course!
But then, Graham decided to go play instead.  Probably wasn't a bad idea since he was getting paint everywhere. It didn't take him long to get paint on the sole of his shoes too, which caused more clean-up time instead of painting time!
Time to test out the bench: 
 Tada! Notice the fire extinguisher as well, just in case!
Once that was done, it was time for an Easter egg hunt in the yard. I think Graham had those bunny ears on almost all day. It was a great little project from school!
Charlie was asleep during all this, so there weren't any pictures of him.  But... here's one of his teeth taken earlier during the day.  Look at those chompers!
Charlie will be 34 weeks next week and I think he's cutting another one or two teeth on the upper left and right side.  He's been quite naughty, chomping down on Mommy while nursing.  Bad Charlie!

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