Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Another year, another Sesame Street Live show!

Graham had another opportunity to catch Sesame Street Live this year.  Somehow I thought the show was going to be in town while we were away in Phoenix, but coincidentally while I was recycling the newspapers, I ran across the headlines.  Of course, Graham had to see what it was all about as well:
But this year, it was just Daddy and Graham since Mommy had to stay home with Charlie. They arrived early again to participate in the play area, but before that - check out this picture from last year!
And this year - who is our big boy now!
It didn't take long for Daddy to buy Graham another new toy:
Say "cheeeese!".  He still shuts his eyes when he does that :-)
Time to pick out their seats.  It was rather empty so they could sit almost anywhere.  Well, except for those on the main floor. Those seats were all full!
And during intermission, Graham got bored so they ended back up in the play area:
I can't help but to post another pic from last year. Wow... amazing how quickly they grow up in a year!
Graham looked so much like a baby then and now, he's a real toddler! And here he is posing for a pic.
And instead of going back in for the rest of the show, Graham and Daddy eventually ended up just leaving!
Can't wait for Charlie to grow up a little more so both boys can enjoy the show next time!

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