Monday, April 29, 2013

Charlie's first baseball game

We finally made it to our first minor league baseball game this season!  The weather was perfect, although maybe just a little warm in the sun. And it's not even the summer yet!  In any case, Charlie was definitely dressed for the occasion:
Here's the "paparazzi" photo, according to Bobby :-)
We had a slight detour before heading into the ballpark as there was a fire truck by the entrance.  The firemen were nice enough to take some time to show Graham a few things.  Surprisingly, Graham was too shy to get on the big truck:
He didn't mind trying on the big fire fighter hat on though!
And in the meantime, while Mommy was getting some eye-candy, I mean putting on some sunscreen for Charlie, Charlie actually still had his hat on:
A-ha! Just as I figured... not for long.  When I had my back turned and was getting some sunscreen on Graham, Charlie's hat eventually became a good chew toy:
And Charlie was obviously very happy about it!
At the game, we sat for a while (and ate):
And ate:
By the way, Thorlo socks are the BEST!
And we played:
And ate some more:
And then, it was finally time to run the bases at the end of the game.  Graham was not interested in participating:
But finally at the very end of it, Daddy was able to go out on the field with Graham and off they went!
Rounding up 2nd base and heading to 3rd:
A high-five at 3rd base:
And off to home plate where the mascot - Hornsby was at.  Unfortunately, my camera ran out of sufficient space to take any more pictures!  Oh well... I'm sure there will be more base running in the future.  I can't wait till Charlie can walk so he can go too! :-)
I was able to delete a couple old photos to take this next one.  As we were walking back to the car, the train was going by.  That made Graham's day to see the train up close!
It was a fun day at the game, especially with our team winning at the bottom of the 9th as well!

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