Thursday, March 14, 2013

Pridgen boys update

Let's see... here should I start?  Well, Graham has learned how to line things up:
Here's little Scout and his books and below, we have his little pets:
Graham has also discovered the magic of magnets, as you can see here with his magnetic fishing poles:
We also started signing up Graham to the Lowe's Build and Grow program at the store.  Last weekend, we build a monster truck!
Mommy did accidentally hammer Graham's little finger.  Oops!  We have signed up for another project next weekend. Hopefully we'll do better then :-)
With the weather warming up and the wind picking up too, we brought out our first kite!
Well, here's what really happened...
We'll probably have to buy a couple spare ones :-)

As for Charlie, he is finally happier that I've actually been calling him Mr. Giggly.  More teeth are poking through. Here are the more obvious ones on the bottom:
And we started putting Charlie in Graham's old booster chair. I think he's a lot happier in it than in the high chair.
Charlie has also started to eat these little puffs.  He's getting better at picking them up by himself.  It's amazing how quickly they learn!
So focused! Although he still prefers it when Mommy feeds him:
Cheeky little fella!
Big brother Graham is making sure he captures every moment as well:
Charlie is still not crawling yet, but I don't think I'm in a hurry for him to do so!

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