Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Graham making Charlie laugh

I was trying to post a couple more videos of the boys, but for whatever reason the videos are not attaching to the blog properly. So, I've decided to post the youtube link instead:

Here is one of Graham making Charlie laugh.  It's so cute, but it will probably just encourage big brother to do even more silly things! Unfortunately, the quality of the video isn't so great but you get the gist of what's going on:

And here's a video of Charlie. He's getting much better at eating his little puffs all on his own!

We're still working on the wagon wheels though.  They might still be a little big for Charlie:
And here is another video of Charlie - we are trying to "communicate" with him :-)
Last but not least, some pictures of the boys:
We all went for a walk and for whatever reason, Charlie kept having his right foot up throughout the entire walk and obviously after too!
"Run, Graham,... run!"
And oh, here's a photo that Graham took of our water downspout (yes, little duckies in our downspout).
Graham's got a pretty good eye for photography! Although, I can't say the same for his new accent when he talks. He started this funny twang at the end of his sentences.  Hopefully it's just a phase, but it's definitely driving daddy crazy right now!

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