Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Recent home projects

Mommy has been quite busy lately with some home projects.  Most of the time I have to wait until Charlie is fast asleep and/or Graham is at school - assuming there aren't any dishes to be put away, clothes to be washed, or toilets to be scrubbed!
Let's see... where should I start.  I finally put the baseboard back in the corner by the shower door. It's been over 1 1/2 years now I think since that's been on the to-do list!  I'm not sure if the contractor that fixed up the new shower stall used the correct tile at the bottom.  Anyhow, I finally had a chance to bust out my new rotary tool and sanded off the edges so it didn't look too awkward:
Hmm... or does it look awkward?  Oh well, at least I did a decent job caulking (I think!)
And while I had the rotary tool out, I finally finished up my new chopping board.  I had an idea of making a chopping board with a couple of little sections in them.  That way, I can push my chopped garlic or onions aside until they are ready to be used and the other bigger section will hold all the waste i.e. onion/garlic skin - like the "thank-you-for-coming bowl" on those cooking shows on TV.
By the way, ALWAYS use your safety goggles when using the rotary tool (I suppose when using any tools!).  The strip of sandpaper actually flew off the rotary when I was working on the chopping board and it hit me on my chest. I guess it was time to switch to a new roll of sandpaper!

Onto the next project... I got so tired of having Graham's shoes piling up in a shoe box.
So... I put Graham to work to build some shelves. Safety goggles on, please!
By the way, Crocs are great shoes to use for making shoe prints.  The paint washes off really easily! 
These new shelves are working much better!  This morning, Graham saw his shoes on his new shoe rack for the first time and said "I like this".  Hooray for Mommy! :-)
And as for needlework, I did make a bag with some leftover fleece. Hopefully it's good enough as a birthday present!
My next project is to make Graham a pair of rain pants.  That way he can wear them while playing in the dirt/mud in my garden. He just loves bulldozing and excavating dirt!  I just have to wait until the boys are fast asleep... like this one.  Don't worry... it looks like Charlie's head is buried under his blankie but it's not.
It's like he tripped and fell.  Too funny!

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