Thursday, January 24, 2013

Nice warm weekend

The weather was so nice this past weekend.  We were up in the mid 60s!  Mommy decided to tackle the gutter/downspout by the garage.  I still did not like the look of it... so, armed with a pair of pliers - no turning back now!
And this is what I ended up with the next day:
I can't wait for it to rain now to see the duckies in action! He he!
Graham enjoyed playing T-ball in the backyard. Look at that form! And... he's swinging lefty!
And then, time for another haircut.  The new clippers are working great!
Meanwhile, Charlie learned how to stick his tongue out:
Still not sure why he was doing it. I don't remember Graham sticking his tongue out like that at 24 weeks. Although, it only lasted 2 days and that was it!  So I'm glad I snapped a couple good pics :-)
And Graham got a belated Christmas present.  Too cute!  Thank you Grandma and Pop-pop!
Now, he can help Mommy bake and cook! While Charlie continues to just be his cute self!

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