Monday, January 7, 2013

Happy Anniversary!

Bobby and I celebrated our 6th year anniversary yesterday.  6 years! and 2 kids later... :-)  We had a wonderful day yesterday despite being late for our matinee movie.  The new babysitter couldn't find our house but nonetheless, we were glad that both the boys did well with her.
We watched Les Miserables at the movies yesterday. What a great movie! The cast was amazing, especially Hugh Jackman.  I think I want to have Graham dancing and singing now :-)  He is already singing and playing the piano, so I guess that's a good start:
After the movie, we went for a very nice dinner at a fancy steakhouse.  Instead of having a big piece of steak, I opted for 2 small plates - lamb chops (which reminds me so much of our trip to New Zealand when I was 5-months pregnant with Graham) and steak kebabs.  It was so YUMMY!  And of course, chocolate lava cake for dessert. And to top off the night, the restaurant gave us a small box of truffles (more chocolate!) to bring home and a $25 gift card for our anniversary!  I told Bobby that our "contract" has been renewed for another year or basically until we visit the restaurant again on our next anniversary :-D

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