Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Random pictures

Here are some random photos to remember our time in Abu Dhabi, starting with what seemed to be a 3-day dust storm last week!
A pulled calf muscle during a gym workout a week ago.  Still not quite 100% back to normal but at least I'm not limping like I did when walking out of class last week.
Who would have thought avocado smoothies (with a drizzle of honey on top) would be so yummy!
Charlie running around half-naked on the balcony.  Still trying to potty train!
And Bobby going to Italy for work and bringing home all sorts of pasta, cheeses and meats. That green tin is olive oil.  I might not even finish using that during our term here!
And here's a picture that Graham drew of his teddy bear.  I thought it was pretty good! Who knew our little boy could actually draw!
And here's a typical day when both boys fall asleep after school.  This is one of those few moments I wished we lived in a villa vs. an apartment - where we would have our own garage in the villa and I could carry one boy in at a time. It's a good thing Graham still fits rather well in this stroller!  
And finally, a video of the boys:
Never a dull moment in the Pridgen household! :-)

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