Thursday, February 19, 2015

Air race at the Corniche

Last week the Red Bull air race came into town.  The planes were a lot smaller than I expected:
When we hit the sand, the boys got busy as usual!
After waiting for quite a bit (so it was a good thing we had brought some toy diggers along), something was finally happening in the sky.
At first I thought there were 2 planes making contrails in the sky and then, the planes disappeared and parachutes opened! It was actually 2 guys in squirrel flying suits flying around and then they were holding the UAE flag together. So neat!
And then, after waiting for a little bit longer, the planes started their practice runs:
And the boys got hungry as usual.  Cupcakes! It's too bad the cupcakes were not very fresh but I don't think it mattered to them very much:
At least everyone had a good time!
Looking forward to our next adventure in Abu Dhabi!

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