Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Random pics of the week

When our friends were visiting from out-of-town, we obviously had a few late nights. Poor Graham fell asleep at the table after dinner! Funny how he was still holding his color pencil :-)
Charlie, on the other hand, was still going strong!
Never a dull moment when we go grocery shopping with Daddy:
After 2 days of sand and wind, there's so much sand accumulated on the roads!  It was cleared up after a couple of days.  Not sure how they cleaned it up but at a smaller roundabout yesterday, I saw a garbage man with a shovel (vs. his usual grabber) scooping up the sand into his big garbage bin.
And we finally invested in some Sidr honey. One of the moms here recommended it for the boys. I used the word "invested" because it's 400dhs per kilo!  That's equivalent to almost USD 50 per pound! Foie gras costs just as much. Ha! Anyhow, we only bought 1/2 kilo. Originating from Yemen, the honey from the Sidr tree has been reported to have several medical benefits. We just started feeding the boys a little teaspoon of it every day this past week. We'll see how they do - if they are less prone to coughs, etc.  Look how dark it is!
There was also a honey for sale at the same kiosk but with cinnamon and ginger. So yummy! But at 300dhs per kilo, I decided to wait on that purchase.  Although now reading up more on the benefits of honey and cinnamon, I probably won't wait too much longer. Suppose to help with arthritis, lowering cholesterol, colds, upset tummy, strengthen immune system, longevity, and the list just goes on and on!

By the way, it rained again - I mean drizzled - a couple of days ago (view from inside the minivan).  Needless to say, the car is just filthy now with the combination from the sand storm last weekend.
And finally, after almost 21 years of patching and sewing up, I've decided to retire my hand-knitted golf head cover.  It was a gift from my caddy when I played in the 1994 ASIAN Games in Hiroshima. She was a petite older lady, covered up from head to toe in a white uniform with a big hat like all the caddies do in Japan. She gave me a set of head covers when I was there and sent another set to my home in Malaysia back then. So sweet!
What's funny about this change was that I almost couldn't find my 5-wood yesterday as I didn't recognize my new head cover in my golf bag!

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