Monday, August 5, 2013

Hot, hot Phoenix!

It was a last minute trip to Phoenix in order to play some golf and also for a golf reality show audition. I finished tied for 8th this time. It was so hot during the week I thought I was going to pass out on the 2nd day of play!  And I think the golf went better than the audition, but who knows - maybe I might get lucky and get selected for one of their new shows :-)
The boys are getting used to the airport routine:
Although, now Charlie wants to look out the window too!
Graham is happy as long as he has his tablet and some cookies:
And Charlie is happy as long as he's with mommy... and has some cookies too!
It was really too hot to do much outdoors, so we decided to check out the Phoenix Children's Museum.  Wow! What a place! Walk in and this is what you see... an architectural "tree" for the kids to climb up and down in:
Charlie and Mommy decided to stay low to the ground instead:
And be cute, of course:
There was so much to do at the museum - like paint a rocket ship:
Bike through the "car wash":
Watch balls roll and make music:
Watch more balls roll around:
Play pretend at the "supermarket":
Play at the "no shoes required" area.  Check out the shoe rack!
I thought the little birdies in the shoes were a cute touch:
Then, there were these ramps where you can drop little cars and watch them roll down the slopes.  Graham loved this area!
But I think Graham loved playing at the ice-cream stand the best. We had a tough time pulling him away for lunch!
Well, I guess it's just like how Charlie loves to stare into the washing machine when it's running the wash cycle. He he... too cute :-)
Seems like Daddy is getting better at keeping the boys occupied while on these flights home. 
Some day, these boys will be able to take care of themselves and probably won't even want to sit next to us on the plane! But until then... we still need to deal with the occasional "that screaming kid on the plane".  Thank goodness Charlie finally fell asleep halfway through the flight. Phew!

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