Thursday, August 22, 2013

Brotherly love

We were at the golf club last Friday for Pasta Night.  I love these night because Mommy doesn't need to cook :-).  It was a really nice evening so we decided to hang out by the practice green before and after dinner.  It was also a good time for Mommy to take some pictures of the boys.
 Charlie loved playing with the golf balls
 Cutie pie :-)
 Big brother on the other hand was running around playing golf like hockey
 Daddy impressing the boys with his juggling skills
 Alright, soccer time!
 Tackle time!!!
 As if once wasn't enough...
 Little brother gets taken down AGAIN!
 Funny thing was Charlie didn't mind it at all!
 Charlie finally had a chance with the soccer ball.
He was crawling and pushing the ball along. Too cute!
 Love the way he sits with the one leg forward and the other to the back.
The boys are growing up so fast!

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