Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Strong wind storm

I didn't realize how bad the storm was going to be until I had turned on the local news late last night.  We were under a severe storm warning and wow,... that wind was crazy strong!  I was already laying in bed with Graham by my side (Graham does not like thunder) when the rain started to come down. It sounded like it was raining sideways! And then, I hear "drip, drip, drip". Our window was leaking! I hope this won't be an expensive fix.

I'm glad we didn't lose power last night. After watching the news today, we were lucky to get away with just some broken tree limbs nearby:
Glad we didn't ruin our neighbor's fence!
And our swing is stuck up in the tree!
Daddy is going to have a fun time getting it untangled!
On a side note, I'm glad the storm didn't blow away all the new cedar mulch that we just put down!
I hope the new mulch and landscape fabric underneath helps with less weeding the rest of this summer!

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