Sunday, July 14, 2013

More soccer for Graham

We signed Graham up for more soccer this summer, but this time indoors thankfully.  Here is Graham's new uniform - very cute!
This indoor facility even has a water fountain just for the kids.  Works out for our #1 player!
We were a little bit early, so Graham and coach were waiting patiently:
And while we waited, it was time for Charlie's snacks.  First, the mum-mum's:
Then, a pouch:
Then, a few minutes later, the lil' crunchies.  I would put them in those little bowls just to slow Charlie down a little!
In the meantime, Graham is goofing around on the field.  During his last session, I was so happy because he was participating and listening so well.  I guess I had my hopes up a little too high this time:
Well, as long as Graham is happy at the end of the day.  Although Charlie is more than ready to get out of that stroller!
By the time we get home, Charlie is fast asleep in his carseat.  Poor fella!

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