Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Our first snowfall

Finally, some real snow!
Looks so pretty, but unfortunately it was my grocery day!  So I had to pack the boys up and drive in it.  The snow was a lot heavier and slushier by the time I got on the road.  I'm glad nothing happened to us!
And our poor bird house!
Yesterday, I had to anchor it with an L-bracket as it was wobbling in the high winds. I hope they have enough "fluff" piled up inside or otherwise they are going to have a sore bum when they sit on the screw at the bottom!
And these tulips are definitely early.  I hope they survive the snow and freeze tonight and tomorrow night!  The same goes for our rose bushes - there are already new buds sprouting:
Thankfully, almost all of the snow has melted away now.
Now we just have to deal with the rain and cold and most probably ice. We're definitely staying in!

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