Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Backyard landscaping project - Part 2

The following week, the putting green curb is being built.  Yes, you heard right... we're getting a new putting green!
Daddy is testing out the new putting green area:
And the stucco goes up on the BBQ and bench area.  Graham called the built-in BBQ area his "little house" since there's a little door by the side:
Halfway there!
On Day 7, we picked up some nice blue Mexican tiles for the BBQ area - just for a punch of color.
The fire pit area has also been carved out.  Graham is busy shoveling rocks with his bulldozer.
Did we mention that the weather has been perfect here?
Charlie kept Mommy company as we watched the crew cut out the holes for the new putting green.
The final day and all hands on deck!  The pavers and sand were delivered the day before:
It was so dusty and loud as the crew cut and assembled the pavers!
Who knew piping bags were used to fill in grout!
As for the putting green... love that splash of green in the backyard!
Tada!!! Didn't take long for Graham to move his toys onto the new putting green:
And yes, we splurged on fancy green lit cups! :-)
And here's our new built-in BBQ:
 And our new fire pit!
Didn't take long for Daddy to start our first fire:
And I wonder how long it will take Graham to master that lefty putting stroke. 
And if you didn't notice, check out the cool looking lights under the bench!
It helps Graham to see in the dark when he's crawling along the bench:
We can't wait to get back to Phoenix to really enjoy our new backyard!

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