Sunday, February 24, 2013

Graham is 2 years 9 months old

Graham is becoming quite a little boy now.  As usual, it's still quite a task to take his photo for his "progress book". 
 Still attached to his blankie
 Loves to watch TV
 Still our cutie pie
Cheeky little fella!

Graham recently started singing a lot.  It's too cute!  And oh, he can count to 20 now too :-)
As you can see, Graham is doing a lot better at painting. He's actually using several different colors.  And last night, he actually said "Mommy, I want to paint for Charlie".  What a sweet big brother!  And he continues to share his toys and shows Charlie how to play with some of them.
Graham hasn't really grown too much - still 28 lbs from three months ago and just an inch taller at 35 1/2".  But I guess that 1/2" made all the difference because now he can tip-toe and turn the light switches on and off easily. And by the way, he is still sleeping on the floor/mat in our bedroom!  He would occasionally nap in his own bed in the afternoons but for the most part, he is still in our bedroom at night.  And every now and then, in the middle of the night, I will still hear: "Mommy... can you cover me?"
And as for potty training, well,... he is still in his diapers. Although, yesterday - he did use the potty all by himself! I think he did it just so he could have a piece of chocolate. We do have him in his underwear mostly during the weekends. Eventually, we'll get it! I think I'm too afraid sometimes just thinking of the mess I have to clean up!
And by the way, more buzz hair cuts from Mommy!  I think the haircut goes quite well with his ATV :-)
Gosh... 3 more months and he will be turning 3 years old! YIKES!

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