Sunday, August 19, 2012

Charlie's first bath

After peeing on himself and getting poop on his feet while Mommy was trying to change his diaper early this morning, Charlie finally got his first bath today.
I also found a collection of milk under his armpit.  YUCK!  Perhaps he was saving it for later.
Ahhh... all nice and clean!

So far, Charlie has been waking and feeding every 2-3 hours at night. It's been quite tiring.  Thankfully Daddy has been quite helpful over the weekend - keeping Graham occupied.  Today, they went to the zoo together:
We love our John Deere wagon:

Graham was so excited when he came home - telling me that he saw the elephants and the zebras and that he was on the train - the REAL one... for the first time!
Looks like Graham had a lot of fun and Mommy got to sleep in (well, kinda sorta). Looks like I'll have to wait till next weekend to sleep in again!

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