Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Charlie - 2-week old update

Charlie had a quick doctor's appointment yesterday for a 2-week old weigh-in.  He gained almost a whole lb - from 7lbs 6oz to 8lbs 5oz in just 6 days!  I'm not exactly sure what the average weight gain is for a newborn but 15oz must have been a lot because even the nurse was shocked! So needless to say, Charlie is doing really well.
In the meantime, big brother Graham has graduated to a booster chair at home during mealtimes.
And yes, we are teaching him the flags of the world so he too can be a world traveler like his mommy and daddy :-)
We are still struggling to have Graham take a picture with Charlie.  Not exactly sure why he just won't do it! But he does ask to give kisses to Charlie before bedtime so I suppose that's better than picture-taking.

Graham has also been playing with the tablet a lot more lately. And somehow he's managed to purchase more items!  This email popped up while I was on my laptop this morning and Graham was sitting right in front of me playing with the tablet...
We were going to purchase more songs for this one App that he enjoys playing with/listening to, but looks like he beat us to it!

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